The Narghilè is a very ancient pipe, typical of Turkish culture. Both men and women felt, and still feel, a great pleasure in smoking the water pipe. The Narghilè has developed a new culture so that today it can count on a large number of fans around the world. But the Narghilè comes from India; The first speciments were very primitive and made with coconut shells. Soon it became popular in Iran and then in the rest of the Arab world and also in Turkey; right here the Naruto has completed its evolution, especially in the last 100years. From the reign of Sultan Murat IV (1623-1640) the Narghilè became an indispensable element in the furnishing of Turkish cafes. The Narghilè consists of four parts; GIZLIK (the mouthpiece) LULE (top) MARPUC (tube) GOVDE (water bubble) The craftsmen who produced the various components were identified with the names of the latter. Even today the areas where these craftsmen are concentrated use the original name, for example: MARPUCCULAR. LULES were produced in TOPHANE and the shells were in BEJKOZ. These goups were often decorated with floral motifs and made of silver and crystal, always precious materials.

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